• First of all, internal communication - can anyone actually make it on the given date, etc.
  • Communicate with the event organisation
    • Send them the technical & hospitHHHHhostility rider
    • Send them the widget to embed on their site
    • Make clear agreements on who is going to provide content
    • Make a risk analysis
    • Make agreements on publicity
    • Make agreements on postproduction
    • Make financial agreements
  • Inventarisation of technical setup - make sure there is enough uplink and power!
  • Arrange transport to and from the event
  • Divide tasks
  • Make a timeschedule
  • Work out an event-specific disaster plan
  • Wipe all media and follow security guidelines to enter the event

At the event

  • Meet up with the event organisation
  • Check the rider if everything is okay
  • Build up
  • Meet up, instruct everyone on how to use the gear, discuss the disaster plan
  • Make some noise!
  • Spam on IRC/Twitter/etc
  • Finish the program
  • Pack up & transport

After the event

  • Upload all raw material to the file repository and wipe media
  • postproduction - cut, edit and upload the recordings (don't forget the metadata!)
  • Evaluation with the event organisation