• generator and/or UPS
  • power sockets


  • switch
  • UTP
  • wireless AP
  • 3G modems with sufficient credit


  • mixer
  • microphones and stands (atleast regular mic for DJ, condenser for discussions and shotgun for event)
  • cables
    • long pieces of XLR
    • everything between minijack, normal jack, tulip and XLR
    • and them some more
  • magicbox (plugs from everything to everything)
  • active monitor speakers
  • signal trafo
  • headphones (atleast three)
  • laptops/computers for
    • streaming (dedicated machine!)
    • recording (dedicated machine!)
    • playing music, IRC and Propaganda (no screenlocks!!)
    • editing
    • monitoring
  • compressor/limiter
  • FM transmitter + antenna + cable
  • SWR meter
  • toolbox with soldering iron, cutters, screwdrivers, multometer, etc.
  • FM receiver
  • recorders (zoom)
  • batteries and chargers
  • SD-cards


  • cameras & stands
  • videomixer
  • BNC & S-video cables
  • video distributor
  • canopus
  • VGA -> composite adapters
  • preview monitors (atleast 2)
  • computers for
    • streaming
    • storage
    • monitoring
  • lights
  • lightmixer (sw or hw)
  • dimmerpack

Available gear

Network gear

Who What Where
hark 4x tp-link 5ghz outdoor (tl-wa7510N) (can run openwrt) utrecht
hark 3x hp 100mbit 24 port layer2 switch (procurve 2524) utrecht
hark 2x cisco catalyst 3550 (24 port 100mbit poe switch) utrecht
hark 5x usb 3g modems (huawei E220, and some others) utrecht
hark ethernet 3g router (but doesn't work) utrecht
hark some openwrt 2.4ghz ap's utrecht
hark lots of ethernet cable utrecht
hark some small switches utrecht
groente toolbox utrecht
groente crappy disposable 6-chan mixer utrecht
groente macky onyx 1640 (only for safe spaces) utrecht
groente lots of cables utrecht
groente effect-boxes (vocalist & kaosspad) utrecht
groente 6" lcd-screen composite-in utrecht
groente crappy analog videomixer (scart) utrecht