A fixed setup should look somewhat like this:

We want a recorder box that:

  • has a network share for loose raw material
  • records everything all the time always
  • can easily be told to record specific pieces under a specific filename by pressing start/stop

We want a streaming box that:

  • spits out ogg and mp3 streams

We want a music box with:

  • QMMP
  • irssi

We want an editing box with:

  • audacity
  • ardour
  • kdenlive
  • cinelerra
  • avidemux
  • mencoder
  • gstreamer + plugins
  • ffmpeg (homebrew, not the $!(($(@)(@% debian default)
  • jack-rack and lotsof ladspa-plugins
  • jamin

We have a decent FM-transmitter, but need a proper antenna

We need an SWR meter